Why I’m here

Expressive and Creative Outlet

I originally built this personal website in hopes of helping me explore a happier self. I’ve found that creative writing and music is a part of that journey. Always searching, always stumbling. My train of thought continues to move onward and I’m learning to put these skills to better use.

I have some exciting new projects in mind. A new album. Some journalistic articles. Sure some more creative free writes. But overall, it’s the positive effects it may have on you that counts. We should always be learning and evolving from each other. No matter what form of connection you prefer. In person. Online. Social Media. Adapting to change helps us stay truly connected.




I want to take the time to thank everyone who has supported me this past year on this project. It took a lot out of me both spiritually and mentally to complete my first EP at 28 years old and I couldn’t be happier with the result. What you hear is where I was at. Good, bad and simple. All in one. A realization that I’m still finding myself as an artist and hoping to continue to grow creatively. Thank you for visiting my page and for being a part of this journey!

“No Longer Invisible” – a creative self-healing project with songs as old as ten years ago to the most current written in 2018.

New Music Video for “Mirror Thoughts” Now Available on my YouTube Channel!

If you know me, you know my obsession with RHCP and their psychedelic funky vibes. ‘Dream’ uninvertedly became that vibe and so by far my favorite off the album.

About Emvee Harlan

Why the pseudonym Emvee Harlan? “Emvee” sounds out my initials and Harlan is the street I grew up in while living in the wonderfully dangerous but slowly improving city of Baldwin Park. I’m a first generation Mexican-American woman working my way through life by focusing in on what makes us human and happy. I’m an MMA enthusiast in training, language and culture lover, and a musician at heart. At the end of it all, my priority is you. I believe working with the brightest minds and helping each other grow brings us closer to a successful lifestyle. 


How do you Heal?

Exactly 6 months ago today my life took a turn for the worse after a gym session that shut my body down with no return. I kept putting blame on the training. On working too hard and not smart. Maybe I just didn’t know how to be an athlete. Or maybe my body wasn’t cut …

Gun Control in the United States of America – *OPINION*

I don’t like talking politics through social media. Mainly because it’s hard to mitigate RESPECT which I feel is priority in any conversation. However, after listening to Andrew Ross Sorkin on NPR about two weeks ago, I’ve been gravitated more towards the issue we face on gun violence in America. Back in the day, when …



For inquires on creative projects, please feel free to reach out  below:

E: mai.viveros7@gmail.com

The Mark Daniel Flores Music Foundation

I’m part of the non-profit organization called the Mark Daniel Flores Music Foundation which dedicates it’s time fundraising for high school music students based in the Baldwin Park High School District. Visit our site to learn more: Mark Daniel Flores