Short and Sweet

         I’ve been injured from MMA and out of commission for a while now. It’s slowed a lot of projects down for me especially the ability to compete this year . . . something I have yet to come to terms with. But aside from that, it has also put a halt in some music aspirations I was hoping to accomplish (like performing). Feeling altogether defeated by what’s happened. With the same momentum, it’s helped me shift my entire focus on HEALTH. I realized how withdrawn and alone I’ve ended up over the summer.

I began thinking about how we go through life making friendships; based on what school we go to and then what job we end up in. It’s location and exposure vs anything else.

So, people come and go. And then there’s the close friendships that last no matter how long you go not speaking to each other.

In the end, I find it simpler to be respectful and understanding of “life” happening. Although my path has shifted, the idea is that it will still bring happiness and hope to those around me who wish for it.

Starting my work with high school students this week has also reminded me how much I love helping teenagers. That’s right, TEENAGERS! I had a student come up to me excited to see me again yelling “Hola Maestra Viveros!” Coming from a corporate world and pushing paperwork, that simple error (LOL) of calling me a teacher made me feel like I’m doing something meaningful.

Is teaching in my future? Who knows? What’s certain is that I’m happy to finally feel appreciated on a professional level and am excited for what the future can bring.