Gun Control in the United States of America – *OPINION*

I don’t like talking politics through social media. Mainly because it’s hard to mitigate RESPECT which I feel is priority in any conversation.

However, after listening to Andrew Ross Sorkin on NPR about two weeks ago, I’ve been gravitated more towards the issue we face on gun violence in America.

Andrew Ross Sorkin, NY Times Columnist

Back in the day, when I was a senior in high school during economics class, we were asked to write a law that we felt was important that could solve an issue in America.

I wrote a ban against guns. All I knew then is that I was against gun violence and felt that the simple solution was to ban guns from citizens’ use; that the responsibility of gun ownership belonged to trained Armed Forces and those who have jobs required to protect us.

Back then I thought it was reasonable and straight forward. Someone who doesn’t know how to use a gun or not mentally well has no access to a gun, therefore, gun violence reduces. When I presented the amended law, the backlash from the classroom was loud and unexpected. 95% of that classroom was angry yelling “it’s my right to protect my family!” 16-year old’s afraid to lose their right and scared for their life . . . I wonder where that behavior was learned . . .

I had no rebuttals prepared and sat down in disillusion.

I was baffled. Understandably ever since then, I follow civil and federal gun rights in the United Stated as well as the massive amounts of laws that have come into effect thanks to the NRA legislative Association.

Like you, I’ve also witnessed the many shootings that occur in our schools and public areas. Like that classroom back in the early 2000’s, people get angry and lash out. And then hold on to their guns a little tighter than the last time while gun violence and access to weaponry only rises.

I’m not here to take a side this time. A side should NOT EXIST because we are one people. One people slowly destroying ourselves just because we want to be right.

I’m not here to say guns are bad or to say I’m anti-gun. It’s irrelevant what my opinion is and so is yours.

The New York Times journalist Andrew Ross Sorkins simply said it best. We have a problem of gun control that needs to be addressed. All I know is that CHILDREN and PARENTS should never have to worry about dropping their child off to school to learn. A teenager should not be worried about being killed and think they need a gun for protection.

The reality is that too many guns are being sold to uneducated, mentally ill, or straight forward domestic terrorists.

I’m planning to dig deep on the following question: Why has America fallen behind on gun control safety regulations?

It’s a continued project that will hopefully, in the end, answer that simple question with a simple answer.

Aside from that, I do hope that if you believe in the safety and protection of our country and its people, you look into the amazing things that Andrew Ross Sorkins has been pushing for. From writing to the CEO of Walmart to finding strategic ways on how to help resolve the death toll in schools such as involving the banks to regulate their contribution to it.

And as always, more to come.


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