2019 Failures. Try Try Again!

First 2020 post on a 1/11 date. <3

I’m fortunate enough to be given one more day to breathe and am sensing the need to connect with you once more.

Mental State? Still going through some heavy episodes. F

Physical state? From 8/10 pain to now 5/10. Huge improvement.

Relationships? No comment. F

Career? Changes changes changes and nope. What am I saying? F

What a negative start. However, I feel pretty good about where I’m at despite my failures. John Frusciante is back with the Red-Hot Chili Peppers and I just celebrated 5 years of togetherness with my One and only. I can finally pick up a guitar again and finding a stable job once more makes me feel a little less pressured.

 Most importantly, my awareness of my mental state has only heightened which means I hold the power now. I’ll be going back into the studio this year with more confidence and poise.

As you know, if you’re an extreme introvert like me, feeling your surroundings purely can cause some unwanted distress. When I see memes about war. I get hurt. When I hear gossip. I get hurt. When food gets thrown out at restaurants. Yes, I get hurt again.

So how do you create a positive outlook on life when us introverts make things harder than what it needs to be?

Well. Finding a peaceful habit is probably the most important thing you can do for yourself this year. Any habit that makes that knot in your heart loosen. I didn’t know how important those habits were until I was physically unable to do them. A major lesson I learned in 2019. Do not take your joints and mobility for granted. I learned this lesson through epically failing last year in my “plan”. Guess what? I’d do it again all over again. Maybe with just a little more pride and class. But it’s a failure worth repeating.

So, kick start the year with picking yourself back up and walking with your head held up high. Cause this ride’s about to get messy.