On a Positive Note

We all care about what matters. Life and each-other’s wellbeing.

When we see injustice, we feel anger and disappointment.

When we see some act of unity, we smile.

It’s funny because the majority of people want the same end results. We just can’t agree on how to get there.

I’ve been holding back in expressing thoughts regarding the happenings because at the end of the day, I’m not living it. Meaning, I’m seeing what’s going on in social media. I read some news and watch some clips here and there. Then I take a break and go back to work because the days are still short. Quarantined in consideration of others. Clouded by uncertainty and fear. Because no, I am not living it, but I feel and see, once again, what it is like to be hurt by injustice.

In the back of my mind though, It starts.

People protesting the death of George Floyd kneel to pray at Lafayette Square next to the White House on May 31, 2020 in Washington,DC. – Thousands of National Guard troops patrolled major US cities after five consecutive nights of protests over racism and police brutality that boiled over into arson and looting, sending shock waves through the country. The death Monday of an unarmed black man, George Floyd, at the hands of police in Minneapolis ignited this latest wave of outrage in the US over law enforcement’s repeated use of lethal force against African Americans — this one like others before captured on cellphone video. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP) (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)

I use to be made fun of when I told people I was a Spanish Major. What is that degree for? Can you even get a job with that?

What those encounters failed to see was that it’s within the Humanities Sciences of Foreign Language and Culture Division. Yes, a major on learning about human behavior in all classes and colors that this world is made up of.

To think it still remains an elective in the USA contributes to the lack of education and division existing on our oh so great America. To learn about our brothers, sisters and ancestors. Historically speaking, analyzing injustice and minorities. Seeing where it went wrong and the why’s of why it continues to be an incredibly slow progression. Not just in our states, but all around the world.

Not to get too deep into it. Cramming my years of anguish on the wholes of socio economic and Industrial Systems would probably take more than a blog to address.

I believe in the cause. I believe in many causes. But you see, I’ve been aware and emotionally involved in race and class discrimination for some time now.

What I learned in those “electives”. What my family lives in Mexico. What my mother and father suffer on a daily basis since they moved here over 30 years ago.

Yeah, this is can be a pretty Fucked up world.

Now, the attention is on Black Lives Matter. Which I think is a GREAT starting point.

So, here is my snippet on that.

I am with bringing justice to George Floyd. As well as Adama Traore. And all human lives that have been taken from us due to cop brutality and racism. I’m also with cops who have lost their lives from crime by putting themselves at risk and protecting our communities. But the reality is, racism needs to end so that we can care for all humans the “same” way. There is no justice when, as a cop, you are already given an upper hand and “get out of jail for free” card. Abuse of power at it’s worse.

So, continue marching. Continue learning. Continue standing by African Americans who are deeply suffering right now. It’s a great Start but just know, it’s not the endgame.