Hitler lover or Dreamer?

The time I got called a Hitler Lover by a high school Teacher during Detention.

And here I am writing about something similar but hopefully not getting in trouble for it.

The unpreparedness of our country is crushingly discouraging and rightfully so. With an attempt to lockdown millions of people, the lack of trust in government, delays in getting tested, and an active news/opinionated social media. . . well, it’s a pretty clear depiction of how ununited we are.

This led me to think about that one time I was called a Hitler lover by a high school teacher during just another day in detention. I have no idea what I wrote during that specific session, but it obviously struck a chord with Mr. (X?) and all I remember from that conversation was being scolded for my “socialist” views. He grilled me about whether I respected my country or not and ended with, “Do you love Hitler? Are you a Hitler lover?”

  • No sir. Can I take a seat now so I can rewrite something you want to hear?

Here’s what you and I should be hearing loud and clear.

We have a moral obligation to ourselves and our planet to be responsible. The one in a millionth chance that YOU and I were even born calls for it. Religious or not. Thinker or not. In agreement or not. Being born into an industrial system that disables us to fend for ourselves is not living. We should really start thinking about what we are doing here as a society and for others.

Imagine being able to build your own house. Grow your own food. Make your own clothes and shoes. Make your own shampoo. Create your own energy. Set up your own home maintenance. Build your own Car. Build your own phone. Pump and filter your own water. Grow and MAKE coffee. Provide for yourself without needing anyone else LITERALLY. Without needing to buy everything and have others do things for you.

Why aren’t we there yet? Do we really think we are evolving and becoming better with technology? Or are we pawns just like Steve Jobs depicted in us. His model of “simple” and limited options is just that. Another concept to not allow us to have a choice. Don’t buy it if you don’t believe in it you say? If you really think about it, aren’t most products in your house like that? How much of it was bought and how much did you make?

That is the reality of our generation today. Our inabilities are hidden by entertainment making us think we are “free”. I mean who in their right mind wants to admit, I’m incapable?

#COVID19 is a perfect example of how distracted we are. People die every day. I’m young so it doesn’t affect me. It’s a conspiracy. People are exaggerating. Be informed. Blah blah Period.

100 dollar banknote with medical mask.

Where’s the trust?

Taiwan, as my boyfriend mentioned, prepared in December when it all began. Where was the rest of the world?

Yup. You guessed it. In that system I’m talking about. The revolving money door that we are chasing daily thinking it’s essential for the lifestyle they tell us we want to achieve.

If you can’t tell, I’m sick of it.  Tired of being in an extreme society where poverty still exists. Where we distance ourselves by believing routine is okay. I can go buy this ___ while across the world a child is bombed hundreds of times a year. I can grab my phone and sit for hours thinking I’m being productive while someone else is being raped this very second. Let’s go meditate because I had a chance to learn the concept but a few blocks from here there’s a homeless cold and afraid because his VA Benefits didn’t provide enough for him. In the meantime, you have large mansions in hills of 9021 – bullshit and a woman spending millions of dollars on a jewel and shoe that looks like a duck.

I am 1 person. You are just 1 person. I’ve been told I carry the world on my shoulders and that I cannot solve everything wrong in this world. It’s too much to carry and I shouldn’t worry the amount that I do.

Understandably so, they are right. I can’t fix the world’s problems. The best way to go about it would be to take care of yourself and your surroundings. . . but honestly?

It’s just not good enough. For me, it’s not. To think that if everyone with a brain could create some form of change to break a system that does not work, what can it be like? Should this outbreak be an opportunity for it? And not have all those poor souls who have lost their lives because of it be in vain?

What can a new life be like. Without MONEY.

All I ask. Is that you Imagine.