Value Your Sex Life

Women sexuality. Stop the shame and let’s move on, yes?

Minority women suffer the most. As a Hispanic, the idea to be a sexually active human being means you no longer belong to the family tree AND you must live in sin for the rest of your life. No turning back now.

I know this to be true for other cultures, as well as, in the general population depending on “house rules”.

I grew up in a strict catholic-based household where Halloween was shunned, and sex was to be served to the male Husband. (Guess what? Halloween is now my favorite holiday AND Sex…well. Choice Choice Choice!)

“You will serve him in marriage at all times”. This was literally the demand I was given as a teenager when I first was trying to date boys. To no fault of their own, it is just the social construct that continues to exist today.

At the same time, it’s important to note that growing up like this can be a gift.

You learn to appreciate sex so much more only and when you realize how false these traditional notions are.

Being sexual does not mean losing your value. Duh . . .

I know as adults we “know” better. But to live it?

It’s not easy to implement.

The concept of women being used has been around for so long that it’s not a perspective easily broken. Because even with the feminist movement in place where women are proud to show off their sexual energy, we somehow continue to lose “respect” for it. Unspoken or not.

I continue to question, how the fuck is Sex still webbed into Value and Respect? Why???

Our value comes from our own self-love and taking into consideration other people’s feelings along the way. Value is taking care of our internal wellbeing. Value is what we want it to be, not some moral compass given by religious groups or society. It has nothing to do with physical pleasures. But somehow, over the history of time, it became an “us vs them” mentality.

I believe we as a people are 2 years old vs 2022. Stay with me on this…. where we are still learning to survive, feed ourselves and speak. We don’t know how to help someone else or consider others yet without putting ourselves first. But that’s okay. Because we are only 2! That’s why we still rely on a government, fend for ourselves, and create bubbles to protect our own, to survive. It’s easy to be upset at the world we live in and see all the suffering that exists around us. But I truly believe we are in a toddler stage and in transition to becoming exactly what we are meant to be as times goes on. In unity.

It’s only the beginning. We will one day be “ancestors” to someone else. Isn’t that crazy to think about? So, let’s make it count for all that it’s worth. For US.






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