Why are we here? Ask Neutrinos

My current obsession: answering the question, why were we created?

The current answer: to experience human life.

Done. When it’s felt deeply, it’s understood, and it creates internal gratitude like no other. Like the kind that brings tears of happiness and joy. It’s just for a moment. But it helps you continue to move forward with your personal human experience.

Then there’s the ugly side of it. That which we all know too well.

How we hurt each other. How we hurt ourselves.  How the older we get, the more we seclude ourselves and create tighter circles because it makes us feel safe. How we are all at different phases of our lives in the rat race and instead of appreciating the journey, we feel inadequate or far behind. So, we circle back to creating even more distance from each other. When honestly, we are really distancing ourselves more and more from our own soul.

The fallacy that our thoughts and feelings are who we are.

It’s part of us but not the important part. They serve as a guide to go back into balance. But we end up letting it push us down instead.

I don’t know where I’m going with this honestly. I just know it’s all I can think about. Wanting to know how to re-connect with our own soul and with others. In a deeper level.

I used to hate small talk. It felt wasteful. But it’s sometimes necessary to experience human emotions and thoughts. It’s essential and so I’m learning to connect with it.

But I still believe there’s more to it. I imagine the super short timeline of our species on this earth. We are babies just starting to learn what it means to live. We still haven’t even figured out how to survive properly as a unit. The technology that we have isn’t really that advanced. But to us it is. We are just the beginning. Our offspring will continue to transform and will eventually, figure it out.

For now, my stamp is this one. Do not fear what is temporary. Our genetic makeup may be unique to us. We do not see the same colors. We do not think alike. Our body is as distinctive as can be. That itself is special. But what’s even more beautiful, is that our energy binds us together.

There’s this tiny almost massless particle called a “Neutrino” that continues to be studied today.  It’s basically part of the weak nuclear force and difficult to detect; and there is an abundance of it. Possibly even an explanation to the existence of dark matter. I’d like to think of it more as a marker for the importance of neutrality.

Physicists are always concerned about connecting opposites to explain their theories. Matter vs anti-matter. For every negative charge, there’s a positive one. For every action taken there’s a reaction. And so on. But this neutrino seems to be acting as the middle traveler. It is possibly the smallest building block in the universe that explains the creation of all other particles. It sounds to me, granted with limited knowledge on the subject, that it’s telling us what life is about in a grand scale.

Neutral balance is where we started. Neutral balance is where we will end. Travelling faster than the speed of light with no positive or negative charge yet. With no explanation or direction of what the cause or effect is. It just is.

Correct or not, I think that is still pretty damn cool to be a part of. I hope you do too.